SIICP is pioneer in innovation in the field of colorectal treatment and surgery. It thrives to end the sufferings of the patients with colorectal problems. Creating the subject experts and overall awareness among the clinicians, medical fraternity and in the society is one of its core objectives. SIICP gained the best results of cumulative efforts of both the surgeons. Trainings and familiarization with the best practices in the world, inspired them to ensure the advance facilities and state-of- the-art technology for the treatment of disorders including the colon, rectum and anus with the help of certified surgeons and medical practitioners.

Super speciality Hospital

Exclusive and Biggest Super speciality Hospital for the treatment of Piles, Fissure, Fistula, colorectal cancer and all other disorders of colon, anus and rectum.
Internationally certified surgeons and medical practitioners present at our center Bengaluru SMILEs, equipped with latest state of the art technology for diagnosis and treatments.

Consult with our doctors if u notice any symptoms of hemorrhoids , swellings, pain related to colon, rectal or anus get the best and quick diagnosis by experts.

World class facilities
Biggest Piles Hospital in Karnataka
Social Initiatives and Training

Our Specialities

Avoid Quacks
Treatment by certified Doctors
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