Advanced Diagnosis

Right diagnosis means Right treatment! We introduce for the first time in the whole state of karnataka and in some instances, the whole of South India, newer treatments and investigative modalities. These tests in coloproctology indeed make diagnosis most accurate and are not commonly found in this field

. MR Defecography, a very unique and distinctive investigation for Constipation.
. Colonic Transit studies
. Ano Rectal Manometry
. Bio Feedback Therapy

Radiology and imaging

Radiology imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical radiology analysis and medical treatment. Various procedures performed are :
X Ray chest
X ray abdomen
Barium Studies

Trans rectal ultra sound

Transrectal ultrasound is an imaging modality where an ultrasound probe is inserted through the rectum and findings recorded. Since the sonographic waves are sent through the rectal wall and muscles, it's a very useful instrument to know about the various anal sphincters, rectal wall, various fistula in ano, growth in any and of course the prostate gland as well.

Laboratory services

Bio chemistry Various biochemical tests including serological and serum tests are done on the latest and automated equipment available globally , thus setting a benchmark in patient investigation. Coupled with our very trained lab technicians under supervision , we are sure to spot even a minor alteration that maybe very valuable in diagnosis and even aiding in your treatment !!

Haematlogy - Blood Tests

Our laboratory is a very well equipped lab wherein all the patient related investigations are done under the same roof. Supervised by some very experienced pathologists and lab technicians, we have a wide array of hematological tests being done needed for the pre operative evaluation as well as the continuing treatment of the patient. Maintaining a very strict quality of control, the lab tends to the investigative needs in a very friendly yet proficient manner. Various tests done are
Pre operative workup
Diabetic workup
Renal workup
Liver workup
Executive health check up
Hormonal work up


As has been historically said "The final diagnosis is always made in the pathology lab!!" Without doubt the pathology department should be as good as the entire hospital. Here we have some very experienced and studious pathologists who impart their experience and knowledge into dissecting every knook and corner of the specimens to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis.
All the histo pathological armamentarium needed for even the rarest of diseases has been installed so as not to miss out even the rarest of diseases. Rest assured your pathological diagnosis will be done by few of the best pathologists in the country.


"One look is worth a thousand listenings" goes a very true saying. Nowhere is it true than in the colon. With flexible endoscopy , we are able to directly visualise and diagnose various anal, rectal and colonic conditions like ulcerative colitis, crohn's disease, cancers, diverticulosis, polyps.

It also forms a very effective surveillance tool for Colon and rectal Cancer's and hence forms a very important tool in the hands of a colo rectal surgeon.
Therapeutic As good as the diagnostic endoscopy , the various advantages of having some tools in the hands of the endoscopy can lead to various therapeutic options.

Various polpys can be snared or removed from the colon with ease.
Various foreign bodies can be effectively dealt with the help of endoscopes.
Various Biopsies can be taken to aid in the diagnosis of suspected lesions.
Relieve Sigmoid Volvulus, a life threatening condition, which can avoid surgery.

Electro physiological studies

Colonic transit studies

Another useful investigation to be introduced for the first time in the state of Karnataka is the colonic transit studies. Since constipation is usually a multi factorial problem due to outlet obstruction, diet and colonic inertia, colonic transit studies help in the diagnosis of patients who are not amenable to dietary modifications alone and may be needed to be put on some other medications to increase their colon motility. Here some radio opaque pellets are ingested and serial or delayed radiograph's of the patient are taken to evaluate the amount of pellets left in the colon or the speed of the colonic movement. A very valuable investigative tool indeed !!!

Ano Rectal manometry

Manometry has been used to investigate many conditions like fecal incontinence , Hirscsprung's disease , anal fissure and constipation. The beauty of the investigation lies in its ability to identify the sensory or muscular defects and also in identifying the functional weakness of the internal and external anal sphinctors which play the most important role in our bowel control. An out patient and a single day procedure , it provides a wealth of information to the colo rectal surgeons dealing with these problems. The readings are taken from the electrodes attached to a simple tube like transducer inserted into the rectum and the pressure readings are transmitted to the screen giving an overall understanding of the vital pelvic floor schematics.