What is Fistula

Fistula in ano or anal fistula is an abnormal opening on the buttock’s other than the natural opening . This is usually the result of a previous or a present abscess which has failed to heal completely.It is more like a small bypass/ringroad with 1 opening inside the anal canal and other outside on the skin of buttocks

Types : There are various types of fistulas . For simple understanding they are broadly classified as Simple and Complex fistulas.
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Causes & Symptoms


Most fistula’s are a sequel of an previous abscess or pus cavity. The pus formation is the result of an anal gland infection. When this abscess fails to heal completely, with or without treatment , a fistula develops. This tract will get some stool pieces entering the tract from time to time leading to infection and pus/ mucous discharge again and again thus makes it a non-healing wound. No fistula can be treated without surgery.

  • Cancer.
  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

There is another opening in the buttock’s skin outher than the natural opening. Pus/ mucous discharge on and off. Itching and redness around the opening.

Treatments for Fistula

There are various treatments which are being done the world over. Right from treating it with a seton / ksharsutra , a medicated thread , removing or fistulectomy, opening up or fistulotomy, VAAFT ( Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment), LIFT and FiLAC ( laser assisted closure)

At Bengaluru Smile’s , we do a combination of the world’s best treatment options to give you the best results. We frequently employ of combination Laser Therapy with LIFT technique which is among the best result oriented therapy so far and with the least amount of recurrence.
Also since these are minimally invasive techniques, there is absolutely no chance of sphincter/valve damage leading to loss of bowel control.