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Educate people on healthy food habits
In the fast paced lifestyle, the importance of a good healthy diet is taking the backseat. Through our awareness programs, we educate the masses on healthy food habits by conducting various programs and workshops on different level. We also provide consultation about the healthy food alternatives and other variables available in the market. Various renowned dieticians and nutritionists have joined us in our initiative to encourage more and more people to adopt a healthy lifestyle by improving their eating habits.

Eradicate Open air defecation
Considering that 45% if the Indian households are practicing open defecation, this issue has been one of the key focuses of SWACHHBHARAT ABHIYAN.
As a contribution to this campaign, we are actively conducting one to one counseling sessions, creating awareness about the health concerns led by defecation in open and informing people about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.
Also, we will be soon publishing this scientific data on how people not having access to toilets are more prone to health issues like constipation and colorectal.

Yoga and Exercises
Yoga is considered to be an alternative medicine for the hectic and stressful lifestyle and is treated as an intervention for many conditions led by our disturbed schedules. The purpose of our initiative in this direction is to create different yoga curriculum to curb and cure various colorectal problems.
Also, we are intending a tie-up with various organizations, including ISHA foundation to promote Yoga for therapeutic purposes.

Medical Camps

medical camp mandya

Mandya Camp

Our camp in the area of Mandya has seen over 120 cases from different age groups. We were glad to witness happy faces after the camp.

medical camp haskote

Hoskote camp

Happy to organize a camp in Hoskote. We were able to interact with over 100 people suffering from Colo Rectal problems. We are confident to bring Back SMILES on all these people's faces