Deluxe infrastructure

From the big picture down to the fine details, a true luxury hospital intuitively knows how to provide for its guests. At Bengaluru smiles we've taken the time to anticipate your every need, putting an incredible array of luxury facilities and services at your fingertips. Essential services and added extras are all approached with an eye for luxury and unparalleled attention to detail. Special and Latest investigations

MR Defecography

Defecography or evacuation proctography is a very important tool in colo rectal field. It provides very important information regarding the anatomic interplay of various muscles and other structures of the anal canal, rectum , colon , the vagina and the entire pelvic floor during the actual act of defecation. Magnetic Resonance Defecography has been introduced by us for the very first time in the entire state of Karnataka and also in some instances, the entire of South India. It is the most important evaluation test in constipation where a differentiation is to be made between outlet obstruction and colonic inertia ( slow transit ) or a combination of both.

This is necessary as it changes the whole treatment of patients from operation to medical therapy. It is also indicated in patients with Solitary Rectal Ulcer and Rectal Pain and some selected cases of fecal incontinence. It is a very useful tool in the hands of the colo rectal surgeons in dealing with complex patient conditions who are suffering from anterior and posterior pelvic floor disorders.

Operation theatres

In the OT floor the circulation of patients and equipment is always on a one way system in order to guarantee maximum asepsis. All the Theatres have an automated climatization system and completely filtered ventilation which include passageways as well as accesses.The operating Theatres all have standardized equipment with state of the art technology and provide the following:

Direct access to the computerized Medical History from inside the theatre.
GE artificial respirators.
Haemodynamic monitors (invasive and non-invasive) with heart monitor, neurological monitor and CO2 reading.
Fully electronic operating tables with accessories for all procedures.
Triple medical gas points with evacuation of anaesthetic gases.
Pre-anaesthesia zone adjacent to each operating theatre.
Recovery room for post anaesthesia patient monitoring.