Patient CARE at Bengaluru Smiles


Patients sometimes forget or are busy or confused in strictly following the schedule of medicines. We make sure a patient who undergoes treatment with us, we send out continuous Medication reminders as part of MEDICATION REMINDER SYSTEM.

It works in below way:
Patient books an appointment
SMS from BS with questions related to the problem before visit to doctor, for better understanding of the problem
Once patient visits and gets prescribed medicines, patient can view prescriptions in the app provided.
Continuous notifications on medicines to be taken


Once a patient is discharged from hospital after a surgery, most of them are confused about the kind of care to be taken and precautionary steps to be followed from time to time.

A detailed app with diagrams and notes and reminders, specially designed for Bengaluru Smiles Patients will be provided, to make sure we are always with them.

Patient Friendly approach: We have in house training for all our staff, be it front desk, Nurses. They are committed towards taking utmost care of the patients.

1. Complete Patient info confidentiality
2. SMS reminders after discharge to ensure medication is taken on time