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What are Piles or Haemorrhoids

Piles also known as haemorrhoids are nothing but swelled up blood vessels in the bottom area i.e. anal canal. They are simply an elongation of the naturally occurring meshwork of blood vessels lining the anal canal.

Piles are staged upon the degree of downward descent into grade 1-4 where 1 is the mildest while grade 4 is a swelling that remains outside the anal canal and cannot be pushed in. Depending upon these stages, the treatment may vary.

Causes & Symptoms

  • The most common cause of piles is straining which in turn is mostly due to Constipation.
  • Prolonged straining at stools often disturbs the stool evacuation mechanism leading to piles.
  • Conditions which increase pressure in the pelvic region like pregnancy , childbirth, weight-lifters, athletes who constantly increase the abdominal pressure
  • Jobs which require long hours of sitting/standing like software ,driver’s, conductor’s, tailor’s etc.
Bleeding ,itching,pain or one simply feels like some swelling while washing your bottom.

Piles Treatment at our clinic

As are the different stages, so are the different methods of treating piles. They are most commonly treated all over the world by trained surgeons and untrained self-declared doctor’s likewise.
  • Typing off the swellings with thread ( Ksarsutra – a medicated thread)
  • Cutting or surgical removal – Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Banding – using bands at the base to occlude the swelled vessels
  • Injections- in the form of sclerotheray which occludes the swellings.
Most of these methods are painful and also associated with a very high relapse rate. Hence the common belief that piles treatment is either very painful or not very successful.

At Bengaluru Smile’s :
Here we are equipped with the best treatment methods in the world like LASER, DG-HAL RAR also known as HALO in the western countries, MIPH/PPH also known as Stapler surgery, RFA or radio-frequency ablation, IRC etc which treats all types of piles in a pain-free & scientific manner, thus according the patient the luxury of maintaining the normal anatomic structure of the bottom even while undergoing this supposedly difficult operation.

Not only this, we at Bengaluru Smiles firmly believe that Piles and even surgeries for piles can be prevented. We have, after extensive research and personal experiences cumulatively covering almost 25 years of experience in this field , have devised an unique initiative for this.


At our clinic, you can be rest assured that the treatment is tailor-made for you as is the presentation of your piles so that we can assure you of very successful outcome!!